E-Learning Platform

In today’s world of rapid technological advancement and innovation, the need of the hour is to equip our upcoming generation in the best way possible for the challenges ahead. The dynamics of education have evolved nowadays. Students are now required to move past the bounds of bookish knowledge and explore the news horizons that technology has opened up for them. Keeping up with this, Pride School System is proud to introduce an e-learning platform designed specifically for our students. E-Learning utilizes electronic technologies to access educational curriculum outside of a traditional classroom. An e-learning culture is one in which the emphasis is on the teacher, the student, and the technology used to facilitate that learning experience. Our e-learning platform serves this very purpose.

Video Library

Collaboration with Oxford Reading Buddy

PSS proudly announces the collaboration with Oxford Reading Buddy. To improve students’ reading & comprehension skills, PSS collaborated with Oxford Reading Buddy. Oxford Reading Buddy provides every child with a virtual reading coach with Oxford Reading buddy, a unique new digital reading service that develops deeper comprehension skills and makes the reading fun! .

Under this collaboration, our students will attain a discounted price on the product (Oxford Reading Buddy).
Students will pay only Rs. 1500/- per year for this product.

Collaboration with e-Learn Punjab

PSS facilitates our students with Interactive learning through association with E-Learn Punjab e- Learn is the official repository of digitized textbooks. Each book has been augmented with Video Lectures, Illustrations, Animations, Simulations, and Interactive Assessments. Through this website, you can access 30 Science and Maths textbooks for Grade 1-12 which have been augmented with 13,047 Video Lectures, 592 Simulations, 2100 Audio minutes, and 1,830 Animations.
eLearn is a project of the Punjab Government & School Education Department (SED) in collaboration with Punjab Curriculum & Textbook Board and powered by Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB).

Resources from given Link is free for all students.

Collaboration with 3P Learning

We at Pride School System strive for the best possible resources available both at national and international level for our students. For this purpose, we have collaborated with the internationally renowned platform for e-learning, 3P Learning, to provide the absolute best to Pride students. 3P Learning is a global leader in online education and learning. It is a suite of learning resources designed for schools and families, covering mathematics, spelling, literacy and e-safety. The results have been improving the learning outcomes and sparking a love of learning in millions of students for more than a decade. Pride School System has worked with 3P Learning to provide extremely subsidised prices for Pride students. All students are encouraged to avail this opportunity and sign up for a chance to learn and progress at a global level.

  • Mathletics

    Mathletics interface to provide the study tools. A captivating and safe learning experience combining targeted and adaptive mathematics curriculum content with structured and interactive support, plus engaging gaming and rewards.


    Sign up with Pride:(Discounted Rates)
    Individual License Fee:      $ 99.00 US $ Discounted Price for Pride:$ 20.00 US $ Note: Price is per Student / Year

  • Reading eggs

    Reading Eggs supports learners’ reading skills with carefully designed online reading games and activities which are easy to follow, student-driven, progressional and highly engaging. Reading is just part of the adventure.


    Sign up with Pride:(Discounted Rates)
    Individual License Fee:      $ 45.00 US $ Discounted Price for Pride:$ 18.00 US $ Note: Price is per Student / Year

  • Mathseeds

    Created specifically for early learners, Mathseeds provides teachers with an academically rigorous mathematics program that students love! Learners will be engaged and willing to learn.*Not available in North America.


    Sign up with Pride:(Discounted Rates)
    Individual License Fee:      $ 79.95 US $ Discounted Price for Pride:$ 18.00 US $ Note: Price is per Student / Year

  • Spellodrome

    Meet your completely new spelling resource... Bring your word lists to life with an engaging array of activities, games and challenges – all powered by your own word lists.


    Sign up with Pride:(Discounted Rates)
    Individual License Fee:      $ 79.95 US $ Discounted Price for Pride:$ 8.00 US $ Note: Price is per Student / Year

Bundle Pack Per Year
  Individual License Price Discounted Price with Pride
Mathletics + Spellodrome 20$ + 08$ = 28 US $ 18$ + 08$ = 26 US $
Mathletics + Reading Eggs 20$ + 18$ = 38 US $ 18$ + 18$ = 36 US $
Mathseeds + Reading Eggs 18$ + 18$ = 36 US $ 16$ + 16$ = 32 US $
Note: Price is per Student / Year