Financial Arrangement

Franchise Fee: This fee will be paid to Pride Academia (Pvt.) Limited for the Pride School System, rights to use the trade mark, products and services.

Franchise Fee: Pak Rs: 10,00,000/- (10 Lac)
Pak Rs. 500,000/- (5 Lac) at the time of MoU
Pak Rs. 500,000/- (5 Lac) at the time of Agreement
Note:-The Franchise Fee will be paid once for the duration of the Agreement

Fee Share: A continuous ongoing fee paid to the Franchisor for the continuous support and assistance. This is a monthly fee in a form of a percentage of the revenue earned.

Fee share of Tuition Fee: 10% (on Gross)
Fee share on Admission Fee: 25%
Fee share on Annual Subscription: 25%

School Fee Structure:

Admission Fee Pak Rs: 5000/-
Security Deposit Pak Rs: 3000/-
Tuition Fee Pak RS: 3000/-
Annual Subscription Pak RS: 3000/-